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The Dawn, the Dark, and the Horse I Didn't Ride in On (an odd, philososphical, semi-romantic meandering)

 Writing and Einstein: The Difference Between Information and Meaning

Autobiography Challenge

Considering Conclusions         

Considering Introductions

Four Meanings of Life

Godot and the Great Pumpkin

    A Major is More Minor  Than You Think

 Thoughts About Picking a Major

Quick Points

Quick Points About Writing

Reading Poetry and Cloud Watching

Revising Revision

Reviving Experience

Reviving Symbolism

Using an Audience

What Makes a Story True

What's the Subject of a Class?

Why Write? Legos, Power, and Control

Writing and the Goldilocks Dilemma


Selected Poems

The Poetry Process

CREATIVE NON-FICTION (Essays not directly related to education or writing)

The Blessing and the Blues

The Hair Connection

The Dawn, the Dark, and the Horse I Didn't Ride in On (an odd, philososphical, semi-romantic meandering)


My Other Related Sites:

Showing Class: Writing by Current and Former Students


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 Pedagogy, Philosophy, and Nonsense


Writing Oriented

Academic Writing (Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Communication Across the Curriculum)

College Composition and Communication Online

College English (full text available to members only) (journalism)

Journal of Creative Nonfiction

Kairos:  A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Places to Stand : essay by Wendy Bishop, in PDF format

Trusting Highways   This essay by Toby Fulwiler appeared in the BMW Owner's News in February, 1996 and is now buried two layers down in his site, but it's a gem that I think should be displayed.


General Education Oriented

Harrison Owen essay, "Learning as Transformation"

New Horizons for Learning

Rage and Hope: Critical Theory and Its Impact on Education

Renee Fuller essay, "The Primacy of Story"


More Broadly Philosophical

Arts & Letters Daily--ideas, criticism, debate

Australasian Association for Process Thought (

              Wit and Wisdom of Alfred North Whitehead (While some of his ideas couldn't raise above the times, much here is fun and valuable.)

Dharma the Cat (a philosophical comic strip with numerous additional pages of ideas and humor)

Hundred Mountain journal (back issues)

In Context (The journal for the Context Institute, concerning humane sustainable culture)

Jean Houston's Website

Rupert Sheldrake, an intriguing, philosophical scientist

Walter MacKenzie's Multiple Intelligence Pages

Because West Virginia is Always My Home, Where ever I May Be

West Virginia Division of Culture and History

West Virginia state page

Just For the Heck of It

Kiss the Guy (misheard song lyrics)

Mike Jittlov's WizWorld (maker of "The Wizard of Speed and Time")

The Prisoner Appreciation Society (for the Patrick McGoohan series)



     Would you like to know when the site gets updated? Drop me an e-mail, and I'll add you to the list. Much of my writing has been for the antiques site lately, but I have a long list of essays in assorted stages of revision for this site. The people who e-mail often apologize because they assume I'm swamped with e-mails. I only wish it were true. I'm a teacher from the marrow out, so give me questions. I'm a writer, so I also need an audience. Sometimes that means applause, sometimes rotten tomatoes.

     From time to time, a student decides to use some of my ideas, or perhaps they even quote me in a paper. Great, I'll take what fame and traces of immortality I can get. However, I should also warn such students that my ideas are not always the things that your teachers want to hear. I'm a stubborn idealist, and that puts me at odds with quite a bit of education theory and literary criticism. Sure, I think I'm right about some things, and I'm sometimes convinced of my own brilliance, but don't jump into the fire blindfolded.


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