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This site is dedicated to writing done by my current and former students, writing done for class, on the side, or even long after the term ended. Writing may include essays, stories, poems, scraps, or writing that defies categories.

Most of the courses I have taught come under the generic heading "Freshman Composition," with some advanced composition and literature courses scattered about. However, I've never tried to teach a specific type or form of writing, except writing that works. While that always gets me in trouble with members of administration who want everything tidy and filed, it has also produced a wide range of thought and style from the students, quite often with depth that even surprises me (and I expect a lot). The writing here isn't intended to promote a particular direction or even represent what goes on in class. This is simply something to shoot for other than just "please the teacher--get a grade and go."  And maybe it's a way to build and maintain connections that we too easily let lapse and generate conversations we too easily let pass by.

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Ms. Write Meets Her Match in Jr. Ms. Write Now by Heide Perry

I'll Just Have Cats by Cara Hummel

Scribbles and Bits (Sorry, no kibbles.)

Toys to Toys by Allyson Bowlds

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