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Pedagogy, Philosophy, and Nonsense


Godot and the Great Pumpkin

Years ago a teacher said he enjoyed conversations with me because I was "lucid." Other people don't always seem to agree. This site isn't likely to resolve the dispute, but spreading the confusion to a wider audience should produce some good conversation, one of life's greatest delights. I'll be posting ideas about general philosophy, education, composition, and bits of quirkiness that may occur late at night.

  I'm the one with the longest fur over the least of my body. Forrest D. Poston, teacher, student, writer, auction junky, idealist, and cat cushion. I'm 43, writing my dissertation, planning a composition textbook, and hoping to find a college that lets me teach students to do more than memorize, regurgitate, and forget. In the classroom, I do look marginally more professional, and just because I have long hair doesn't mean I'm a revolutionary. It hasn't been all that long ago (high school actually) that I had short hair, black plastic glasses and wore plaid polyester way too often. Still, I do have a tendency to bring out latent insecurities in some people without trying.