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Poems, Drafts, Scraps, and Essays

Where vanity and ego meet inferiority and shyness-- a slice of Forrest D. Poston

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Okay, so part of me wants people to discover this site, read the poems and say, "Wow." I'm not entirely without ego and a desire to be liked, not even close. But the storyteller-teacher-longwinded-talker parts of me want something more, so this site isn't about "finished" poems, particularly since no such thing exists.

In addition to drafts that I'm currently mostly content with, I'll be adding working drafts, multiple drafts, phrases and scraps that have annoyed me for years, and commentaries and essays about writing. I'd like this to be a working site for writers, a place that generates ideas and conversation. Writers have solitary times, but we thrive on community; words lead to words. Get in touch. Quote me if you like (with credit please); use my lines to generate your own when you need to; don't steal them and call them your own or I'll have to do things that would make Cuchulain turn pale.

Below are links to the poems, drafts, pieces, and essays that I've put on-line so far. When clicked, the links should open in a new browser window.

Looking at Process

Reading Poetry and Cloud Watching

Two Published Poems


Cat eyes